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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the second-generation Apple Watch SE, released September 2022.

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Is it still safe

My Apple Watch has 2 tiny cracks in the screen if I would put a protective case over the screen would it still be safe to swim with it?

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Hi Jake,

Definitely not safe unless the case you use specifically says it's waterproof. A normal case will not provide waterproofing and the cracks in the screen make it unsafe to expose to water.

Unfortunately, even if you get the screen replaced you won't be able to count on the watch being waterproof any longer; any time you remove the screen the IP rating is compromised and can no longer be guaranteed. Your safest bet is to have an Apple authorized service center do the repair, but I suspect they'll tell you the same thing - that it's no longer rated for liquid ingress. Alisha ( @flannelist ), is that your understanding as well?

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Sadly, much like iPads, Apple doesn't really offer repairs on these. Any Apple device that isn't an iPhone, Mac, or display is treated in the same way regarding repair. Apple calls it "Whole Unit Replacement."Which simply means—you get a refurbished one at a discounted rate in exchange for your broken one.

They DO make cases rated for water resistance, but I agree. Even if the screen were replaced, I would still caution against exposure to water. Replacement adhesive is rarely as strong as what Apple uses, so it will hold your screen in just fine, but it does not keep water out as effectively.


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