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The Hisense 32H4C model is a 32-inch high-definition television with a light-emitting diode (LED) display.

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Channel (MBC3) displaying image ,but the sound is Best FM( Radio )

MBC 3 displaying image,but the sound is Radio (Best Fm).

I went on the SETTINGS options,and searched and scanned the channels several times,but i did not get any results.

Can it be fixed in one of your showrooms please ?

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IFixit doesn’t have a showroom or sell TVs or PCs. They do sell tools and parks to help people fix their gear!

From the sounds of it you have an audio settings issue. Review your TVs users guide to identify the alternate sound channel setting.

This allows presentations to offer an audio description for the blind or translation of the dialog to an alternate language. you need to reset it to the audio option you want.

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