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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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How long does a replacement battery last?

I need a replacement battery for my mid 2012 15” unibody MBP. My old iFixIt battery was 7800 mAh, the new ones are 6730 mAh. Has anyone used one of the new batteries? How much time do you get on one charge? I purchased a Newer Tech battery and it only lasted for 4 hours and OWC thought that was normal. My old battery (iFixIt) that I’m replacing lasts 3.25 hours and has lasted 18 months but the new batteries aren’t the same as my old one. I need some guidance

Update (08/21/23)

@danj, I'm attaching my screenshot. I was also looking at the activity monitor and it looks like windows server uses most of my battery followed by Excel (which doesn't make sense to me since there are no functions, strictly text).

Block Image

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@paintslinger88 - That one of the problems when running MS Windows and its Apps. Get the Mac version's


Hi @danj, sorry, I missed the notification that you responded. I am using the Mac version of Excel and Word. What did you think of my screenshot of Coconut Battery?


@paintslinger88 - Other than not having a full charge I don't see anything out of place.


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Sadly your mileage will vary! What people run on their systems and the intensity of the processing will effect the run time.

While the battery is often marked with its mAh there’s no way to say it is what it’s marked without testing it and most people don’t have the tools or the experience to measure.

There is also three elements that effect run time besides use, that’s the system generation as some of Intel chips are quite hungry for power and the GPU logic as well. The last is the storage tech and it’s size as an example a 1TB HDD uses more power than a SSD.

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@danj, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am running Catalina OS because it was supposed to manage battery usage better than the 32 bit. I had hoped to install Monterrey so I could load the new MS software I had purchased (currently, my Excel spreadsheets load upside down and backwards). How do I find out if I have a hungry intel chip? Also, are there any tweaks for the GPU? I have installed a 1 TB SSD.

I've tried watching my activity in the past to see what's eating up my battery but it jumps around so much I'm not sure who is the culprit. For instance, I keep an Excel spreadsheet open for reference but there are no functions on it. Do you have suggestions on how I can get the most out of my battery? TIA


@paintslinger88 - Technically you are at the highest macOS version your system can support, I would stick with it if you can. While there are OS shims which allow newer macOS’s to run on your system they are not tested by Apple and have been known to mess up when an OS update was preformed. I lost a weeks worth of stuff do that that and am sticking with Catalina on my 2012 15” MacBook Pro! My 2015 15” is running Big Sur and I think I’ll leave it there as well.

My comment about Intel chips was more to do with the newer systems which use i9 chips. So not a worry here!

As to getting more out of your battery. I would look at what’s running often times you will have junk which just isn’t needed sapping way your CPU’s cycles which in turn lowers the systems performance and consumes your battery faster! You maybe doing to much task switching basically running two or more Apps at the same time jumping between or to many windows of the same app or web pages. Try to limit your self to what’s needed and kill off everything else.

I get about four hours of run time on my system with a battery that’s now three years old and while it’s marked as 7300 mAh the battery is presently offering 7290 mAh. Download this gem of an App! CoconutBattery let’s see what it tells you. Post a snapshot here so we can see it too.


@danj, I do have coconut battery installed. I don't know how to post a screenshot without answering my original question. Commenting doesn't seem to allow graphic uploads.


@paintslinger88 - do an answer, then when you save it will ask if it’s an update say yes.


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