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Repair guides for wireless mice by Microsoft, compatible with the 5000 and 6000 models.

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Wireless devices (keyboards and mice) and lost usb dongles...


I (and perhaps you) have encountered many situations in which wireless devices requiring a usb transceiver are missing their transceiver. People seem to lose them or throw them away, or leave them in ports when they pass on their laptops and PCs. Such devices are completely unusable without their specific transceiver. The transceivers alone are either 'unobtanium' or ludicrously expensive to buy. Question: Would it be possible to read/decipher the signal used and replicate it using a cheap 'generic' usb dongle as a substitute? Just spitballing here...for you inventive types this could be a nice little moneymaker.

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If there was a "Programable" USB Dongle which reads the mouse/keyboard/wireless signal then links to it then works, then that would be a good idea! I an not sure though if this is possible, but I know that if it was invented by IFixIt, It would work well.

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It's certainly possible. I read about smart people who can do this.

Get a 2.4ghz or 433 mhz radio dongle. Record the signal. Run it thru a protocol analyzer. Easy. For some.


If that could be done all-in-one? In the dongle itself?


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