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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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Starts fill, stops, starts again, stops then drying fan starts, stops,

Whirlpool WDT730PAHZ0 roughly 4 yrs old. A day or so after a bad lightning storm and power outage in the area, my unit started acting crazy. It'll start filling, stops, then starts filling again, stops, drying fan kicks in, dispenser door opens, etc. I'm assuming a bad control board vs circulation pump or bad inlet valve due to the fact the drying fan is now starting at the beginning of any cycle. Also I tested continuity on the door latch, float switch. The diagnostic codes were F4,E3 then F6,E2 jumping between the two sets.

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It's a control/main board issue


Thanks Sir! I almost went for the sump motor assembly from a prior post. But that wouldn't explain the sporadic behavior of the drying fan.


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Dear Navyguy410,

There is an issue with the BIOS that needs to be reset. Additionally, it needs to be checked on the motherboard, hard drive, RAM and CPU. You can try using another laptop to test the hard drive, RAM, and CPU.

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Kaleb. Thanks for the additional information. However, I'm going with Michael A above. I'm a Electrical Engineer and electrical theories and understand the relationship between the electrical components and the mechanical parts is right up my alley. As for techie stuff, verbiage, cpu tests and the like, I'm a deer in headlights. A new CB plus tax, shipping is $180 almost half of the same unit on sale now. So if the CB doesn't resolve the issue, I'm just going to get a new unit, with an extended warranty. 😁


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