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The Lenovo P2 is also known as Lenovo P2 P2a42, Lenovo Vibe P2. The Lenovo P2 is an Android smartphone released by Lenovo in November 2016.

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Can I replace the battery in my phone with one from another brand?

Hi, I wondered, if I replaced my phone battery with a phone battery from another brand, would everything work ok?

I would try to match the battery as close as possible but my battery is the old type L-ion type. If I put a Polymer one in there would it work? In my case I'm looking for a Lenovo P2 battery but I guess I could try a Motorola considering Lenovo own Motorola. My battery is a 5100 mah one though. Hmmm

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Thanks @dannish , I didn't think of that. I wish they would make batteries a bit more universal


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@lightwave62505 No that's a really bad idea. Even though generally single cell lithium ion batteries are going to be a fairly similar voltage, the connector pins are going to be very very different.

You'll have no way of connecting them and you may damage your phone motherboard if you try to blindly connect the wrong battery.

Stick to the same model, the original battery model is the BL262. It seems fairly easy to locate, I've already seen examples on eBay and AliExpress.

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In addition to Dany's excellent advice, you should know that there's an electronic circuit built into the battery that communicates with the phone's processor. There is no standard for these circuits (called BMS or Battery Management System), so the connection and interface for them will be different for various manufacturers and even for assorted models by the same manufacturer.

In other words, there's very little chance your phone would be able to talk to a BMS on a different battery and that failure can cause all kinds of problems; on an iPhone it can cause boot loops and sometimes even a failure to boot.

Finally, each battery is specifically sized to fit in the space allowed for within a particular phone, and the connector is made to go to a very defined spot, so it's again unlikely that a battery for a different phone will meet those requirements either.


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