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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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IPAD batteries pre-charged

Hello, are IPAD batteries pre-charged prior shipping?

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Joshua, that's a question for the iFixit Store personnel. This, however, is the community repair forum and isn't frequented by those guys. You'll want to contact them directly at If @amber has a chance, she may be able to respond to you.



Thank you Jerry, I'll try that.


Hi @joshuam8795, I heard my name! Jerry is right about support being able to give you the best official answer. Otherwise, Alisha (in an answer below these comments) gave a really great answer, too!


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In theory, yes. Rechargeable batteries come with some charge in them. But they do lose that slowly over time, even when they are not in use. So if it's a long while between manufacture and when the battery is actually installed, it may have become depleted.

It's much likelier for batteries from older models to need a charge when you first install them. As models age, people buy less parts and batteries often sit around longer before being used.

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iPad devices use lithium ion batteries. This type of battery keeps it health best when stored between 30%-70% charged. Any device you buy with a lithium ion battery should not come to you fully discharged (dead battery). I would expect a brand new iPad to arrive with around 70% charge, but it will vary based on how long the iPad was in storage and Apples current practices.

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