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The Lenovo P2 is also known as Lenovo P2 P2a42, Lenovo Vibe P2. The Lenovo P2 is an Android smartphone released by Lenovo in November 2016.

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Where can I buy a new OEM battery

Hi, I would like a new battery for my Lenovo P2.

The code is BL262, it's a Lenovo 5100mAh battery. Could you please tell me where I might buy a good quality OEM battery or what company offer good aftersales replacements?

My battery is currently swelling.

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@lightwave62505 It's really hard to find good quality batteries for older products once the manufacturer stops selling them. Anything that claims to be original is usually fake, apart from sites like iFixit where they may have a relationship with the manufacturer to sell original parts. You almost never see actual genuine new batteries outside of iFixit.

I would rather take a chance with a bigger Chinese 3rd party battery brand like Nohon than a "genuine" battery. But even then, expect the battery to last maybe a year or two at most. Aftermarket batteries are just often poor quality.

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@dannish thank you very much for your input on my question


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