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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Backlight shuts off after momentary Apple logo - normal boot

After replacing the battery using iFixit's battery replacement package, the LCD would shut off upon less than a second of starting (force restart using power + home). Then the system is ostensibly booted, as there is a charging sound if it's plugged it. Also I can type in my password (by guessing the positions of the numbers), unlock, and lock — typing and locking sounds are produced. But the LCD is completely dark except for the first second of booting.

I can provide some videos.

Update (08/06/23)

Oh, it seems to just be the backlight. I see it faintly now

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I've contacted a board-level repairperson. I'll post an answer if the issue is ascertained and resolved.


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If you're getting bright light at Apple logo and then dim once it's booted, the backlight is probably fine since the Apple logo is lit. Can you see the backlight is on if you take it into a dark room?

If so, the screen is just SUPER dim possibly due to issues with the ambient light sensor, which is used to detect auto-brightness levels. In the iPad Air 2, this sensor is part of the headphone jack. If you replaced the battery, the cable for that is along the top edge of the battery. On the long arm of the logic board.

Assuming you took the board out to remove the battery, that cable could have just not been connected in the reassembly process. Or is not fully seated in the connector. Or the alignment of the actual display is off and the sensor is obscured.

Check and see if you can just turn the brightness up, or turn auto brightness off. I might also verify that your headphone jack works to start.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't clarify that the backlight is completely off and unable to be manually controlled. I likely broke something on the logic board responsible for backlight control. I will take it to some board-level repairperson.


@dongchen67280 Yep. That would have been my next bet. Backlight issues are extremely common with iPad repairs due to the way the battery connects to the board.


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