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The OnePlus 6T is an Android smartphone made by OnePlus. It was announced on October 29, 2018 and released on November 6, 2018.

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Phone is not dash/fast charging + Windows not recognizing USB device

So i cycled back during the rain. The phone didn't get super wet and continued to function but since then does not charge properly. I can charge via USB cable through my PC as it refuses to dash charge via charging brick and the PC will keep giving me warning USB device not recognized.

I have a pair of cables that i have tried it with - so its not the brick or the cables but something to do with the phone me thinks!

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I would recommend to fully power off your phone, and let it sit for a few hours for it to dry up. Then, turn it back on and it should work again if nothing is damaged.

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This happened about a week ago. So while I can't recollect if I have given it time, but the phone other than the charging is working correctly. I am just trying to identify if replacing the USB charging port will be the apt solution. Because it is charging just not at the fast charge level and not through the brick


@nabeelkhan1082, does it even charge at all?


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