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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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New battery won't work unless plugged in

I recently bought and installed a new battery for my 5th gen 60GB iPod video. I followed iFixit directions, and the battery charged, albeit slowly. (I ended up using the 5V/1A little charger for my iPhone, because the original charger didn't seem to move the battery beyond the low-battery screen message.) After charging for the full course of the day, the iPod works beautifully when plugged in but immediately crashes/ turns off when I unplug it. Working on plugged in is an improvement over the old battery situation, where it simply wouldn't charge. But I want to be able to play it on the go, of course. When I click the iPod to light it up, I see the word "charged" and a battery icon with the plugged-in overlay. However, I never see any evidence of the lightning-bolt overlay that indicates that the battery is charging, even when I unplug the device for a while and then plug it back in. I've tried resetting the iPod, which works fine but seems to have no effect on the battery function. Is it likely that I received a dud battery, or might I have done something wrong? And where is the best place to pose this question vis à vis the product sellers (if I need a replacement battery)?

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@katharine91349 yes, it is possible that you have a bad battery. Keep one thing in mind. the battery connector on this model is an absolute Achilles Heel. It has such a bad tendency of breaking of the board.

I would get another battery. Yes, I know that the cost of batteries from our sponsor is a bit more than anywhere else, but you will have the guarantee and the service that comes with it. It'll be 20 bucks wisely spend. iPod Video 60/80 GB Battery

Step 6 in the guide is what I dread the most. Do NOT use a pry tool. Instead open up a paperclip. Make an L shaped hook. Then use that and place the smaller part of the L under the brown lock and gently move it straight up.

iPod Video 60/80 GB Battery Afbeelding


iPod Video 60/80 GB Battery


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Thank you once again, oldturkey03! I did buy the new battery through iFixit, so I'm now wondering whether I didn't install it quite right. I wonder if I should reopen the device and double check the connection? Also--and here's a dumb question--was I supposed to peel anything off the new battery, beyond the covering for the 3M sticky strip? I'm assuming not, but want to check. Thanks!


@katharine91349 there should not be anything to be peeled off. All you need to see is the copper on the flex cable from the battery. I would open it up and take a peek at it.


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