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The Ford Explorer and the Mercury Mountaineer were both updated for the 2006 model year on a new frame, produced by Magna International rather than Tower Automotive.

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Why rpm jumps during accelaretion between 25mph to 60mph

Hello friends

I have explorer 2009

During idle the rpm is constant

During accelaretion from 0mph to 25mph the engine is smooth

During acceleration from 25mph to 60mph, when I'm in 1500-1400 rpm, it jumps to 1800rpm with rrrrr noise and go down back to 1500rpm.

Its happened several times until I reach 60mph, and then the car drives smoothly.

If I will accelarete with higher rpm, 2000rpm or more, the rpm jumping doesn't accure

What is the cause?

Please help


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I'm guessing your descriptions of your xmission is it's downshifting for the jump in rpm. There may be more than one issue here; replacing xmission fluid as recommended in owner's manual, shift linkage adjustment and/or electronics controlling shifts that may need a program update (usually free from manufacturers). I think you can check online if there are any service bulletins related to xmission software updates from the manufacturer.

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