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Stylus for the iPad Pro (3rd Generation) featuring gesture controls and magnetic attachment and charging. Launched November 2018. Model A2051.

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My apple pencil 2 is not charging, any solutions?

I didn't use it for a while, and today found it is not charging. Is there a way to check if this is completed dead or there is a way to fix it?

Any thoughts?


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You can thank Apple designing a throwaway product! This sounds like a dead battery!

While it is possible to tear the unit apart, it won’t be very comfortable or stable.

Sadly, it’s time to replace it.

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Thanks so much, Dan!


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When you connect it to your iPad is it recognized? It just won’t charge?

This isn’t unusual in Apple Pencils when they have been in disuse for a while. In my experience it’s usually an issue with the battery. It’s getting enough power from the iPad for operation, but the second you disconnect the power is removed. Lithium ion batteries slowly discharge even when they aren’t being used. They can go into a state of discharge deep enough where they can no longer wake from sleep even if the battery is otherwise okay.

This is a real bummer because as far as I’m concerned, these are not repairable. You can, but it’s a royal pain in the neck. Totally agree with @danj here. Just throwing in the extra detail. Mostly because this answer was literally sitting here, waiting for me to push the post button. And then I didn’t.

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