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Patagonia shirts worn on your torso to keep you from coldness and nudity. Repair is generally pretty straightforward with the help of a sewing machine.

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Older R1s cuff area repair

Older R1s had a thin stretchy material to the wrist / thumb loop and the waist area - to assist drying according to the brochures (and it worked well). The quick dry material degrades and tears in a few years. I have three such R1s. Is there a way to get the material / do a fix? Thanks. Paul

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Patagonia has a very good reputation for supporting the sustainable repair of their products.

  1. This page details their policies, provides some repair tips, and describes how to send an item in for (often free) repair: This page states, in part: “If you choose to send in your repair for an evaluation, we ask that you cover the shipping cost. The repair work (in most cases) and the return shipping are covered by Patagonia.”
  2. Patagonia also has a robust set of support materials for DIY repairs; the R1 does not seem to be described here specifically:

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