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Support for Android phones by Ulefone.

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My charging port on my phone is damaged!


I have talked to a few cell phone companies that fix phones and no one can help. I like my phone, I have a Ulefone Rugged Cell Phones Unlocked Armor X8, 4GB + 64GB, Android 11, 5.7 inch Waterproof Phones Unlocked, 13MP Triple Rear Camera, 5080mAh Big Battery, Dual 4G, Type C, GPS, NFC, US Version - Black. The charging port is damaged, I have to prop it up for the cord to work and the phone to charge???Thank you

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Whereabouts are you located? Country (and state/province, if applicable) should be good, nearest major city would be better.


Thank you very much! I did try 3 other cables and had a man that knows how to fix cell phones. He said the port was damaged. Thank you for answering.


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Just in case, try ruling out a defective charging cable by trying a new/different cable. You can also try a new/different charging block.

If the issue still persists you may be able to replace the part yourself using this part (this is an example of what it should look like, feel free to search around on your preferred eCommerce site for one that is cheaper or available sooner).

Generally this video should guide you in the right process:

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