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Repair information for the Canon Pixma Pro-10 color inkjet photo printer. First available on Amazon in September of 2012. Model number: PRO-10.

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Pro-10 indicates paper jam but no paper in printer.

Pro-10 indicates paper jam but no paper in printer.

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A paper jam error may occur if the paper is not feeding properly.  I recommend cleaning the feed rollers to resolve the issue.  Instructions for cleaning the feed rollers can be found starting on page 85 of the user manual HERE.

You can also try feeding some medium-thickness 8.5x11" card stock through the printer or similar. Small pieces of paper can hide inside beyond your line of sight.

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This is for TS5000, not canon pixma pro 10. there is no LCD screen on the pro 10. if you could fix this answer to an accurate manual, it would be greatly appreciated!


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