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9th generation of Chevrolet's full sized SUV, based on the GM GT800 platform.

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Why driver window doesn't work?

Driver window doesn't work. All other windows work even from the driver door just not driver window. It doesn't make any kind of noise or anything when I try to put it down it's stuck up. Could it be the motor or the switch?

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Unless you have access to wiring diagrams, you can try removing the door card, locate the power unit and try powering it directly from the battery or use another 12v battery. Powering the window unit will either result in the motor operation or not to determine whether the master window switch or the power window unit failed. There's also a possibility of wiring damage, flexing of wire harness by the door hinge. If you're familiar with using a multimeter, measuring for power output from the driver's window switch and window power unit terminals can help.


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@alexcastil28581 Could it be the motor or the switch? Absolutely. It could also be many more things in between. Besides all the great points already made in the above comment, you do have the option to check. You can run the checks as explained starting on page 23 in this document Chassis Electrical System. It also includes the diagrams. The manual is a combination for the Pick up's and the SUV :-)

To work on your door panel etc. use this document Bodyopen your door panel etc.

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