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The Infinity v2 10.1 inch tablet, running Android OS , was introduced in 2014.

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powers on but screen is black

My device powers on and the sound in the beginning plays when you turn it on but the screen remains blank. I tried a hard reset where I held the volume + and the power button at the same time but still having the same problem. I've tried every other combination of buttons to push as well....nothing. Please I need help, we bought this about 6 mos ago and MAYBE used it 10 times if that. For paying $800 for this device, I'm so upset that it broke so quickly especially because it just sat in the corner for the remaining time untouched. HELP

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Hi @jenniferlu17870,

Please verify the make and model number of the tablet?

The device you selected for this question was introduced nearly 10 years ago and most probably is not even available anymore. Certainly not at that price. You can get them 2nd hand for $50.00


Are you charging the battery ?


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Put a bright flashlight sideways when powering on. If you see the colors of the display and, well, the image, you will need a new display, as the backlight driver (the chip in the display) may have gone bad. Try taking the device apart (Infinity v2 10.1 LCD Screen Replacement don't need to follow unplugging everything else and de-soldering the battery) and unplugging and replugging the display. If this doesn't help, you may need a screen replacement.

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