Gear shifter locks in Park, with car on; RPMs fluctuate wildly

Last car drive was city traffic, stop & go. Rpms wild, all over the spectrum, and putting it in park to try and tap the accelerator, it locks in Park. Ended up turning it off, using key to unlock the gear shift, and roll the car to the curb. I've thought of using two keys- one to unlock gearshift, one to stay in the ignition to keep the steering unlocked-and try restarting it. Afraid to try it. Anyone have a similar experience? Any thoughts on what the problem(s) could be?

1998 Honda Civic DX

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Additional factory electronics relies on a steady power source; alternator, drive belt, battery, and battery connections. Engine off - 12.5v, engine idling - 14.5v. If in doubt, visit your local auto store selling car batteries. They should have free on-vehicle battery/alternator testing. AutoZone is one. Lee's than ideal battery voltages can affect all electronics with erratic symptoms.


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