97 disco anti theft alarm has shutdown my vehicle PLEASE HELP!

I've never was told prior to buying my 97 disco about an anti theft alarm but after having my vehicle for over 7 months it all of a sudden engaged and has shutdown my vehicle for over 3 weeks. I had someone who attempted to fix it by messing up the lock on drivers door, then cutting the wires to it in hopes it would solve the issue but it didn't. The actuator in the door is now hardly working, then he he spliced the cord from the green little plugin that goes into the alarm and spliced another wire and put those two wires together in attempt to bypass the alarm and immobilizer so it would crank up but it didn't work 😔💔.He tried to get the vehicle to at least turn over however itacts like it wants to but for some reason the fuel pump shutdown or something and won't let it get the gas so it can run. In all attempts nothing is working, I lost my job bc my vehicle has been down 3 weeks now, nobody to take my kids to their appointments or mine, no way to the store so I'm having to walk 4-5 miles to the store just so my kids will have food,I have absolutely nothing I'm in need of advice or someone to help me out, because obviously nobody knows anything about these vehicles or don't want to work on them. God knows I'm at rock bottom and I hope someone can help me figure this vehicle problem(s) out because I desperately need my vehicle up and going again. Please someone help because I don't have the money to buy another used vehicle right now especially since I lost my job.🙏🏻😭💔

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