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The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is a mid-range Android-based smartphone developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics as a part of Galaxy A series. The phone was first released on 24 June 2021. The phone comes with a triple rear camera setup and a 90 Hz display. The battery has 5000 mAh, which is 62% bigger than the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro.

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How to fix a faulty power button and fingerprint sensor?


I am very new to the self-repair movement so hoping to find some help with this. I have a Samsung Galaxy A22-5g phone which has a faulty power button and a fingerprint (FP) sensor and was hoping to find a way to repair this on my own without spending over the top by going through "official Samsung service centres". Also, because it will be something fun to do, not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with fixing it yourself !

The issue I am having is that the power button just does not work. I need to double tap on my screen if I have to toggle between sleep and awake mode. This poses a problem if I ever have to completely power down my phone as I will have no way to physically switch it back on

The FP sensor, for this model, is part of the power button itself. I am not sure how to internal electronics are laid out so wanted to know if anyone here has had an issue similar to mine and how they managed to fix it? Basically, do I need to get separate replacement parts for the sensor and the power button ?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi @masterelaichi,

Welcome to the repair movement! Always glad to have another person to help us save the world one device at a time.

The fingerprint sensor and power button are a single part, so you'll be replacing both functions at the same time. From what I've seen, the parts are readily available online at places like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress among others. To be strictly correct you'll need to find one that comes in the correct color for your phone, but physically any of them will work; you'll just have a mismatched power button. You can use that to make your phone distinctive if you want; for example you could put a white button on a black phone or pick your favorite color regardless of the color of the rest of the phone. Here are a couple of examples that came up on a cursory search.

Samsung A22 5G Spare Parts

Fingerprint Scanner for Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (A226 / 2021) (Mint) - Injured Gadgets

I didn't locate a step-by-step set of instructions like you would find here on iFixit, but there is a YouTube video that seems to be reasonably well done and will show you what you need to do.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Fingerprint Sensor Replacement - YouTube

You will want to make sure you have new replacement precut adhesive sheets for both the rear panel and the midframe to help with both holding the parts on and keeping liquids out. From personal experience I'd suggest getting a couple of each; it's all too easy to get one of them off by a little so it doesn't fit right, and if that happens you can't usually reposition it; you just end up with a tangled ball of adhesive and have to wait till you reorder before you can finish putting your phone back together. They're usually pretty cheap, so having a backup isn't a bad idea.

And if you feel ambitious, you can always author your own iFixit guide for those who follow in your footsteps. It's pretty easy and there's lots of help available if you run into problems; I should know, I've done about 50 of them myself.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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I was having a look on ebay for replacement parts. I am a bit confused - I am finding parts for power button/volume and powerbutton / fingerprint scanner. Are these separate components ? The reason I am looking at ebay is because I live in Australia. Not sure if injuredgadgets or mobilesentrix deliver out of USA


I found this link

The power button flex cable looks similar to the volume button. But fingerprint cable appears to be different


@masterelaichi Yeah, I can see how that could be confusing. I think it's basically being mislabeled; the flex cable for the volume controls is completely separate from that of the power button/fingerprint scanner. So toss out any that say volume and verify that the part being sold looks like the one I posted in my answer. Technically you should have to select the proper color for your phone as well.


Hi, I recently repaired a Galaxy A22 5G (replacing the touchscreen). I studied a number of instructions and videos. The fingerprint sensor is not connected to the power button. The fingerprint sensor is simply mounted directly above the power button. The power button is a unit with the volume control and the fingerprint sensor is its own unit. Both are available in various shops. I will also be replacing the power button unit this week (the replacement part cost 7€ in GER).


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