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The 5-door Explorer and its companion the Mercury Mountaineer were redesigned entirely for the 2002 model year, gaining a similar appearance to its big brother, the Ford Expedition.

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Why window wont open

Front passenger window wont go up or down.

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This might sound stupid however have you checked the child lock isn't on. Usually that.

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If not it might be power to the motor so check the fuse in the fuse box. Internal fuse box it's in CB1 and it's a 25amp. Drivers door is in engine compartment and thats 37 and it's a 30 amp

Any more will be invasive and panels have to come off but hopefully one of the above will fix it.

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Its not the child lock. I haven t been able to find the internal fuse box to check it. Where is that? I have looked off and on for it since I got it 1 yr ago.


Sorry I don't know I'm from the UK never been in one of them before


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Hi Mari,

There's no single answer to your question that covers all the possibilities.

The power windows are made up of several parts, any of which can fail and cause the window to not operate. You've got the window switch, the wiring going from the switch to the motor and the power wires going from the fuse box to the switch, the motor itself and finally the regulator, or mechanical parts that physically move the window up and down.

I would probably start with the motor. You'll have to remove the door panel then, with the key turned on (doesn't need to be started), check the connector that plugs into the motor for power using either a voltmeter or a 12V test light.

If you have power to the motor, you'll need to check for the motor itself being faulty or the window regulator being broken or frozen.

If there's no power at the connector, you'll need to trace the wiring back to the switch and determine if you're getting power to the switch or not.

That's a good place to begin; check that and let us know what you find; then we can figure out what your next steps should be.

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How do you remove door panel? I know every vehicle is a little different. I have removed door panel off my Nissan pickup and Chevy blazer so at least im not totally ignorant. Lol


@maribrady In order to get into specifics, we'll need to know the year and model of your Explorer.


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