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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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Nintendo DSi top screen has a weird "green hue"

(Ignore the dead pixels in the image, I'm using the old screen in order to show this)

I replaced my Nintendo Dsi's top screen because it had dead pixels and a weird green hue. Once I plugged in the new screen, this green hue was still present. Anybody know what is causing this issue and how to fix it?

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I will try replacing the top screen again, maybe I fiddled with the ribbon cable too much when installing the new one. I'll keep this updated, but if anybody has any possible solutions feel free to let me know.


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This green hue issue was caused by the top screen connector on the board itself. It would need to be resoldiered or replaced. Dead pixels is the screen itself.

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