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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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When I try to play any game on it, the GameCube just crashes

I plugged everything in correctly, put in a game disc, but after 10 mins of playing the game crashes. Now it could be that it’s old, because it’s my dads old one and he never touched it for decades plus it could have dust inside, but do you know what I should do? I rly want to play an original game

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A good cleaning is a start. Or at least having an idea of what the internals look like. This could be a simple matter of overheating. Those were new when I was in high school, which means we're talking 20+ years ago. Yeah I'm old, I got grey hairs to prove it.

But in that period of time, and depending on how and where it was stored, it might just be full of dust, or worse. There's a bunch of Guides for Game Cube repairs that will help you get to the internals, but just having a look at the fan on the left side is a good tell for what internals might look like.

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As it turns out after a month, we’ve discovered taht teh GameCube stops spinning the discs and this is why it’s not playing. We’ve cleaned it and all but the disc doesn’t spin


@bobjeff Just the game crashes? Or the whole console shuts off?


The screen says : “game disc could not be read”


@Alisha C Do u know what to do?


@flannelist all the comments above, I didn’t know how to reply until now


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It will be a problem with the laser if the disk is not spinning try below link or you might need to replace the laser.

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