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Repair and disassembly information for the Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse. Released in 2017 and identified by model numbers M-R0066, 910-005131, 910-005139, 910-005839, or 910-005965.

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Right mouse click is not working


my right mouse click suddenly stopped working on my MX Master 2s.

I tried following steps without any success:

1) Turned mouse on/off

2) Connected mouse via bluetooth dongle on other computer

3) Switched left/right mouse click via Windows settings

4) Bought a new original mouse click switch (from Omron) and replaced the old switch

-> After all my right mouse click is not working!

-> I now use a wired, old mouse and I have no problem at all with this.

Can you please help me?
Do you think it might be a hardware malfunction on the motherboard?
I mean I even replaced the switch.


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Same issue here, is there any kit for solving this in Ifixt?


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Have you checked the top "activator plate", of the mouse that activates the switch uppon depression of the mouse buttons? It sounds like the there may be a gouge in the "activator plate" which prevents the plate from making contact with the switch.

Block Image

If you do see this I used some hot glue and filled in the gouge on an MX master 3 and its been going strong for a few months now. But you can also use other fillers to get better results.

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Hello Zach,

thank for your help. Unfortunately this did not help. The "activator plate" has full contact to the switch. I even demounted the upper shell of the mouse and clicked on the switcc directly with my fingers. The right mouse click gives a nice snappy accoustical feedback, yes, but there is no response on my computer. In my opinion there must be a hardware malfunction on the motherboard.

Well I don't know what to now. Seems to be broken, unrepairable.

Block Image

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