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Can not acces to Open Firmware, need boot with USB, or any other dev/

Hello. Good nigth. Thank's for read my case. I'm trying to enable a MacBook 17" A1212. Al ports work fine, CDRW, USB, display, etc. But HDD ATA die months ago, so i take a newer and make it run. But now need urgently run any OS for take a job....

So i put a SSHD, to install debian or kali or gentoo, because that machine and his OSX, are not supported anymore. So i want to run Debian or Kali, but when try to boot with USB stick with (live linux version) cannot read the USB. So try to enter to Open Firmware with the known combination key, to tell the Lap Top boot from USB, but nothing yet.

Can someone help me?

How can i enter to the Open Firme using other way?

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You have a few things against you here!

1 - The SATA drive in this series must be a SATA I (1.5Gbps) or SATA II (3.0Gbps) the SATA drive you got is likely SATA III (6.0Gbps) which just won’t work!

2 - You first need to get to a working OS-X before can install a different OS. Mac’s don’t use Open Firmware, they use a version of UEFI

3 - I think you’ll have better luck with a newer Unibody Mac which can run Mojave. This system is so old I do wanted how much life it has and installing newer OS’s, be it Linux or newer MacOS.

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