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Repair information for the game cartridge used for Gameboy Advance games, also known as the AGB-002.

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Putting a fallen chip back on

I opened up my pokemon sapphire cartridge up to see what was wrong with it after a long time of absence and discovered a chip came right off.

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i have no soldering experiences so I would have to go in this repair blind. So i want to at least ask if this level of damages is fixable or not.

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Oh. Well that's kind of a bummer. And would definitely cause your cartridge to not work. Since that's flash memory. So That would be where actual game data is stored.

Lucky for you, it looks like the board itself is intact? I think? I can't tell what the solder pads on the right side look like for sure because of glare in the picture.What we would really want to see is where the chip came free from the board. And the legs on the chip can be fragile, so as long as those are all intact, probably a straight forward job.

This will definitely take soldering skills to fix, but is not super difficult (compared to other SMD level soldering jobs) with the right set of tools and some practice. But it's definitely not a soldering project I would go into with flat out no experience. It also looks like it could just use some cleaning in general. But it looks repairable to me. Although I'm not sure what might have caused it to begin with (probably time and getting knocked around).

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provided that the leg damage is minimal, a good technician could try to bake the chip back onto the circuit. Problems are going to include: all plastic needs to be removed (it will melt). that battery needs to come out (it will burn).

Is this something you could do yourself? No. It requires SMD soldering and the skill to perform it.

Is this something which would be simple? No.

What might it cost to pay someone to do it? Maybe $50.

What is the likelihood of positive repair: Low.

What other options do you have? wty replacement. You could find someone at Nintendo, petition them for merci, send to them the chip and plead a case for a freebie. (a new replacement)

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