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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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iMac freezes + WiFi card issue

Hi all and thanks for stopping by.

My old buddy iMac is having some issues:

1) it freezes. most of the time when you try to run a game or Geekbench GPU test. it's just 100% that it will freeze within 20-90 seconds after you start a game / Geekbench test. Rarely it can freeze during ordinary web surfing or even while loading the MacOS (the Apple logo and progress bar at ±50%).

No glitches or other GPU artefacts. Just a frozen image and cursor is not moving (sometimes you still can move it, but nothing works).

2) it shows "WiFi hardware is not installed", though i have my bluetooth working. Heard that there was an issue with late 2013 A1419 model when malfunctioning WiFI card can lead to freezes so i tried to replace the WiFI card but had the same problem - "no wifi hardware installed" + freezes.

I even tried to run the iMac without WiFi card, but freezes are still there.

I also did MacOS reinstallation, SSD check (all good), Geekbench CPU tests (all good).

I'm thinking of GPU issues since i can force these freezes by just running a game / Geekbench GPU test, but the problem with WiFi card ruins all the theory of malfunctioning GPU.

any ideas?


iMac late 2013

CPU: Core i5 3,4GHz

Ram: 8GB DDR3


GTX 780M 4gb

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

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checked the console and everytime i get freezes, the "" appears, so i guess the GPU / vRAM / GPU power supply is dead.


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First thing I would do is to run a good (Paid For Anti-virus, like Symantec Endpoint Protection).

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did i get it right: you would run an Antivirus?


You got it right.


installed the Symantec Endpoint Protection, tried to perform full scan, but got freeze again. after hard restart iMac rather freezes on OS startup (Apple Logo and progress bar) or shows "your computer restarted because of a problem" on different languages and goes in eternal restart loop:

startup sound => half progress bar done => "your computer restarted because of a problem" => restart

safe mode boots normally, but i can't run antivirus there.


@mayer after about 3 hours, i've started the iMac again and it booted normally. so I've performed the full scan and it showed "no threats found".

freezes are still there.

checked the console for system logs and everytime i get freezes, the "" appears.


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