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Repair information and guides for the fifth generation of iPhone. Model: A1387

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The battery doesn’t work and it boot loops

Hi, I have an iOS 6 Black iPhone 4s and it boot loops when I try to charge it as the battery doesn’t work and I have no clue how to repair it as I do not have the skills and the repair tools. I hope that someone will point me in the right direction.

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First, you're going to want to buy the iPhone 4S Battery and Anti-Static Project Tray. For instructions, there's the iPhone 4S Battery Replacement and the video(

The battery replacement on this phone should be pretty easy. Just make sure you keep your screws tidy in the anti-static project tray (Keep the related shields in the project tray as well).

iPhone 4S Battery Afbeelding


iPhone 4S Battery


Anti-Static Project Tray Afbeelding


Anti-Static Project Tray


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