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My phone is telling me that it is overheating and I can not charge it

My phone is telling me that it is overheating and I can not charge it

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@adrianpohl3196 Can you install Device Info HW (, go to the thermals section, and upload a screenshot of the results)?


is the phone warm to the touch?

if you power it down and turn it back on, will it still give you that error code?

does wireless charging (if possible) still work?


No phone is cold and I tried to restart but it did not work. It is a Samsung m32 so it can not wireless charge


@adrianpohl3196 is your battery health in good shape? is there any signs of swelling batteries? (small opening on the sides of the phone, bumps on the back of the phone, back on the phone is swelling)


No the batterie is not swollen and I opened it up and the batterie was completely fine


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There might be a issue with your battery, that might need to be replaced. When batteries age, they can start to overheat, and cause your phone to limit performance. I would recommend you shut your phone down and get it fixed ASAP. If you keep using your phone while this is occurring, it might cause more severe damage. I hope this helps!

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The phone is 8 months old and the battrie life is completely fine but I can not charge it


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