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The Honda pilots were THE BEST SUVs for those years, And people still are still driving them around a lot. These cars came with lots of different trims. (ex, ex-l, lx, touring.)

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My AC stopped working

My ac turns on , but vents hot air

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Miranda, sorry for the late response, but apparently I missed it when you first posted your question.

Automotive air conditioning systems generally require specialized equipment in order to work on them; you have to have a machine that evacuates the existing coolant into a container, along with a vacuum unit to remove any air from the system and finally a set of valves and gauges to refill the system after it's been repaired.

That doesn't mean you can't work on it yourself, but in most cases you'll need to take it to a shop to have an "evacuate and refill" done once the repairs are complete.

That being said, there are a few things you can check yourself. First of all, make sure the fan/serpentine belt is properly driving the A/C compressor. Generally there'll be other consequences to a broken/missing belt, but start there. Next, the compressor has a clutch on the pulley that engages when the A/C is turned on. With the A/C off the pulley will be spinning freely but not driving the compressor. Have someone turn on the A/C with you watching as the car's running and verify that the compressor clutch engages and the compressor starts running.

Outside of that, the next thing to do is to check the pressure in the system. There will be two Schrader valves, the kind you use to fill the tires, somewhere in the A/C lines under the hood. One will be the low pressure side and the other is the high pressure side. You only want to measure the pressure on the low pressure side if you buy an inexpensive A/C pressure gauge from the auto parts store.

If the pressure is reading low, you may be able to restore your cooling by adding a can of refrigerant. It's normal for a slow leak over time to lose some pressure, but if it takes more than one can of coolant to get the pressure back to where it should be then chances are there's a leak somewhere that may need to be fixed. One way to find out where the leak is, is to add fluorescent dye to the A/C system, let it run for a while, then go looking for places where the dye shows up using an ultraviolet flashlight, preferably at night.

Your car almost certainly uses R134a as a refrigerant or "freon" as it's referred, even though it's not technically freon any more. You can buy cans of it at most auto parts stores, although as I recall California had some restrictions on its purchase if you happen to be located there.

Anyway, my suggestions would be:

  1. Check the compressor belt
  2. Check the compressor clutch engagement
  3. Check the refrigerant pressure
  4. Refill as needed
  5. If more than one can, add dye and check for leaks

If you find leaks and want to repair it yourself, you'll need to take it to a shop to have the refrigerant drained. Then you can do the repairs, and afterwards you'll need to go back to the shop to have the system evacuated. At that point you can either have them refill the system since they're already there, or you can take it home and refill it yourself. Better to have them do it as they have the proper gauges to do it correctly, but it can be done at home to save money.

There you go; it's not simple, but a certain amount of it can be done yourself. Good luck and let us know what you decide and how it goes.

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Check For refrigrient

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Go go honda company. They will fix for you.

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Key Mung, you've missed the entire purpose of this site. The idea is to empower people to repair their own things with information, suggestions and ideas. Telling someone to take it to the manufacturer to fix it doesn't help them in any way; everyone knows that and the whole reason they're on this site is that they *don't* want to do that.


crackhead, dont take broken for a answer this site is to fix ur own stuff cracky.


@gabrielkna58803 Now Gabriel, no need for name calling. They may well have been trying to help in their own way. Educating them on what the site is about is much more useful; rather than making an enemy, you may be finding an ally one day.


ok thank u for remineder sometimes i frgot


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