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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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MacBook Pro kills wi-fi hardware.

Hi Ifixit community,

As stated in the title, I'm facing an issue, pretty big, pretty annoying. My MacBook Pro, despite multiple attempts of repair, seems to kill its wifi hardware ! I'll randomly have wifi working, then when it'll wake from sleep, it won't work anymore, but the bluetooth will.

This is going to be a pretty long and weird story that I'm going to tell, you, is order to get some help :

  • My problem started 3 weeks ago, going back home from the library, my dad asked me to set up the Amazon fire tv, and so I took out my Mac in order to log in to Amazon, and how surprised I was when I found out that the wifi was not working. Fine, let's restart everything, hopefully everything will get to normal, which was the case for a few minutes, to actually lose again the connection.
  • Alright so this must be a software issue, let's wipe the drive and reinstall Mac OS. This seems to not be working, it must be a hardware issue then.
  • I took out my other MacBook Pro from 2011, to actually swap both the AirPort cards, this was half solving my problem, as the wifi was working fine, but the bluetooth wasn't. So the problem must have been from there, let's order a genuine one from eBay. This again gave me fake hopes as this was making my Mac work as is used to, but one week after the repair, I was back at the initial point.
  • Took my laptop to my local repair shop, the guy stated this was a software issue as I also got a Windows partition via BootCamp. Back at wiping the drive and reinstalling the OS, nothing changed.
  • I've been then tearing my computer apart, to see in what shape were the antennas, there was nothing really alarming ( See joined pictures ), except for one of them, which was not looking good, but at least was not chopped off.
  • To not leave any doubt, I attempt a last hope repair, by swapping this time not the airport cards, but the actual antennas from my other Mac, this again was looking good, to actually turn pretty bad.

At the moment I'm typing this text, I just got out of the train, where the laptop worked fine, just entered college library, and wi-fi is out of order, but the bluetooth is not. Thanks god I got my iMac at home, else I'd be screwed up/

Can you please guys help me ? How the hell could you explain the way how a MacBook kills its wi-fi hardware ?

If you need any further details, I'd be pleased to give you anything to solve this problem.

Thanks a lot.

Block Image

Block Image

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Sadly the pictures did get added so we can’t see them. I’m betting you got halfway. Go into edit mode in your question, place the insert where you want the pics, then open the tool box again and double click so the link ID is visable in your text.

Addressing your issue, sound like you focused on the AirPort bd and not the cable assembly. More often that’s where I see issues, here’s the needed part MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) Airport/Bluetooth Cable

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) Airport/Bluetooth Cable Afbeelding


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Early 2011-Mid 2012) Airport/Bluetooth Cable


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Just added the pictures describing the problem.

Yesterday, attempted a late night repair, which turned out to be pretty useless : Reswapped the wifi cards, that was working fine again for a few seconds before getting the same exclamation mark as seen in the joined pictures.

Re-installed the OS as well ( Neither the supported Catalina, OS X Lion, nor Monterey patcher been stately working ), except when was setting up the laptop, the wifi was working fine till I attempted to install apps from the App Store.

This is the main symptom of the problem I'm facing right now, when everything seems to work fine, I just have to connect to the internet ( Wireless obviously ), and all of a sudden, for absolutely no reason, the wifi will turn off.

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty !#^&@@ right now. I did not find anything on the web mentioning my problem, except one single video of a guy in India, describing the issue, with half English and half his local language, and it has not been any help.


@jhvz1g3tq242j6t - I’ve seen this a few times! It’s time to replace the AirPort cable, it’s not the board, as you are moving things around the connection can make and break.

The other area is the hinge area where the cables pass through can cause them to fail, but that wouldn’t fail like your images show.

Than the next area is when the WiFI nets are messed up, again your images don’t show that either as the WiFI icon would still be present in the menu bar.

So again it’s the cable!



Alright thanks for your answer, I''ll keep you updated on the situation, just reordered a wifi cable, hopefully this will fix the problem.




Replaced the wifi cable on my own earlier this week, everything is working fine so far, and hopefully the issue is solved.

The previous cable I took from the second A1286 I own was completely bent, my theory is that, the way how everything was screwed and attached to chassis made it getting tension applied on it. I accidentally bought a cable on eBay for the early gen A1286 which was way longer than the one I was looking for, but lucky enough, with some tape I've been able to get everything in order.

Thanks for your help.


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