Xbox One S wont turn on, extensive troubleshooting performed

Hello All,

Got to use my iFixit kit for the first time tonight so that was awesome. Not my first xbox repair. However, this one is different. My friend has this in storage for a few years. He said when he went to plug it in, nothing happened except for a faint beep. I immediately thought about the MOSFET chirping issues.

Upon initial inspection I also couldn't get it to turn on but it sounded like there was definitely a faint beep coming from somewhere. I took it apart and tested the power supply, and it has perfect voltage, plugged in the power supply and button and the beep is actually coming from the speaker that plays the chime. MOSTFET's are not chirping at all.

Does anyone have experience with this issue? No visual corrosion or burn areas. I am definitely stumped.



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