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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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Screen flickering/green/dead/unresponsive

The screen on my note 9 went dead today after someone called when it was plugged in, then after some restarting, it was very dark, then after leaving it sit for a few hours powered off, it did come back on, but if the brightness went over 50%, it would flicker, look extremely faded, and become unresponsive. Now it usually is a dark, green display, occasionally a bright, green flash then it looks close to how it was before but the top and bottom of the screen is unresponsive.

It was not updated to the latest android version.

It has never been opened, it was bought new.

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Hello @thegleanerihc ! This sounds like OLED damage unfortunately, you may have to buy a whole new display to resolve this issue. Even if the external glass is not cracked, the OLED can be damaged from bumps or even small drops over time. Hope this helps!

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So it sounds about like time for a different phone then. I didn't know if anything became of the widespread issue with Samsung and green screens or not. I guess it won't be Samsung if their displays are that fragile. It lived in a heavy rubber case its entire life.

Its disappointing, two, thousand dollar, top of the line Samsung phones, and both don't last more than two years.


@thegleanerihc I'm sorry to hear, there can be defects in some batches that cause them to fail quite quickly, but i've never had one fail out of nowhere like you've described without the addition of a drop or something similar, its unfortunate, but thankfully with each generation the displays get stronger and stronger, i absolutely abused my S20FE for the 3 years i had it, never had an issue. Regardless i've swapped from samsung now because of their insistance on the low-tier exynos processors in EU models.


The only drop it had recently was about two weeks before it.

The same for my note 8, that I'm asking about elsewhere here.

I've never broken a Samsung under abuse, but all have had the issues appear when at rest and charging. If it had appeared when in the harsh environment(a farm) I could see and understand it, but for it to die when it's just sitting there and I'm sleeping...

I love the idea of the note line, I just wish Kyocera or someone else would take on the idea as I'm quite disappointed in Samsung anymore. $250/$300 for a screen about buys you a refurb phone...

Perhaps I should just go back to Kyocera, at least they're predictable; the phone itself lasts forever, it just gets really slow and needs a battery after 5 years.


@thegleanerihc Kyocera phones always have the unfortunate side effect of being quite far behind on specs, maybe a company more like Oppo/Oneplus/one of their other sub-brands!


@thegleanerihc Don't be put off samsung because of this. Every phone built nowadays is fragile. If they were tough the manufacturers wouldn't be making billions from people buying new ones. The old built tough Nokia days have gone im afraid. I still have a 3310 and 8310 fully working and battery lasts over a week lol. There are loads of decent phones, even the Chinese are making quality phones. If it was me I'd buy Huawei but some people are put off by no play store but that can be added with a work around.


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