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Seventh generation of iPad, released September 25, 2019, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2197.

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New screen but may be faulty

My son cracked his screen on his iPad gen 7. and upon repairing the digitizer, I ripped the lcd wire 🤦‍♀️. I ordered a new lcd and digitizer, after installing I got a black screen with lines (pic below). I made sure connections were good and still same result. I do not have the digitizer sealed down yet as I was checking to make sure everything worked correctly, so I’m unable to use home button. I tried placing home button over the spot and holding home button and power to do a hard reset but couldn’t get it to respond. I tried volume up, down, and then power and still nothing. I’m hoping the battery dies and I can try again tomorrow, but the odds aren’t in my favor. Any idea what’s wrong? Is it faulty?

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where did you buy this display set? (aliexpress is okay for vintage parts, but a big no no for parts for newer devices.)

if you tap the screen where the passcode buttons should be, does it make any sound/recognize you touching it?

do the lines change color if you rotate the screen or touch it?

if you can use Find My Iphone for this ipad (it has to have a apple id registered as family to your apple id or using you apple id to activate find my Iphone ) and click play sound, will it change the lines color in the center (where the notification should be that the sound is playing) and plays sound?

you probably need to just replace it again, sorry :(

iPad 7 LCD

if you still have the genuine digitizer, or the one from the glitching display, then use that with this lcd above if not, then here's a combined assembly below

(ik the one below is cheaper but the top one has a lifetime guarantee,so if this ever happens again you can get a new one!)

iPad 7 LCD Afbeelding


iPad 7 LCD


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Lcd is faulty. You don't need to wait until it dies, just disconnect the battery. You didn't disconnect the battery before you started did you?

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