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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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How can I replace the wireless charging coil that charges the s pen

Well recently I opened the note 9 to replace the battery. It all went well but I wanted to dive deeper intro the phone. I did it but I tried to remove the wireless coil that charges the spen and detects it. So in order to remove I think of have to remove the power button but it's very complex and I don't know if I should do it. Can I replace this charging coil or it's not fixable and if it is can somebody show me how to remove this complex thing


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If its working then I'd leave it. You don't want to break something else in the process.

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But I broke it

That's why I asked to replace it


@kostaspap Sorry, you didn't say you had broken it. Anyway, I don't think the part is available separately. It usually comes already installed into the housing from the factory.


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