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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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What screwdriver size do I need?

I’m trying to swap out my Apple Watch Series 5 Screen after I broke it but can’t find the right screwdriver size to remove the screws holding down the Force Touch gasket (also broken and needs replacing). I’ve bought a screwdriver i thought was right (Tri-Point y-00) but it doesn’t fit. Can anyone please help me find which one I need? Thank you in advance!

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The Series 5 nolonger uses a ForceTouch gasket. Review this guide [ongeldige handleidingslink]

Do you have a Series 4 watch? That is the last model which used it Apple Watch Series 4 Vervanging van de Force Touch-pakking

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No it's certainly an Apple 5. It does have a force touch gasket, it's referred to at around 3:20 in the video you shared. It's the screws at around 4:10 I'm having trouble finding the size for. I think it is the 6 or 7 they stopped the force touch gasket


@jamie bonney - Your right it’s the 6 that dropped it.

Here’s the guide as it’s the same as the 4 Apple Watch Series 4 Vervanging van de Force Touch-pakking

I gave up fixing them as my fingers are to stiff.


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