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Seventh generation of iPad, released September 25, 2019, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Numbers A2200 and A2198.

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Won’t charge or show battery percentage after replacing digitizer

Hello I recently did a digitizer replacement on my sons ipad 7, everything went good, as far as the screen, but now it won’t charge, or show battery percentage, I opened it back up to double/triple check the connections. Anybody have similar issue? Was thinking maybe the battery connection pins maybe got damaged when I isolated the battery? Thank you

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Hello I just joined this site to find some answers to my questions about my vehicle.

But I am some sort of a technology geek. Did you try replacing the battery? If so or if not, get a very fine magnifying glass, then look at the pens and see if each one matches up. Next, follow each pin to where it leads. If you can find where it is leading to, check to see if there is any irregularity/something that doesn’t seem like it should be there. Check that connections are secure. If all looks proper and the way it should. Then replace the part that the pins lead to. Once replaced, I mean once it is removed. Check out what and where the digitizer connects. If it connects replace the digitizer, if not already done so, or check that pins/whatever it is that needs to “touch” the digitizer and make it so that it touches. I have never worked on an iPad. But I have worked on a PS3, jailbreaking and other, etc. etc. when it all boils down, it’s all the same. Green electrical boards, circuits, pins, touching pins, and so on. I pretty much learned everything from trial and error. But I imagine you do not want to lose your sons iPad. So make sure everything is backed up to the iCloud etc. then take it apart and carefully look at it, and use your finest judgment . Wishing you all the best, good luck.

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