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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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iPad Charges For A Second Then Stops Continuously

Hello I have iPad A1566 air 2 came from a customer with not turning on. When I tried it I saw that my power suply goes up to 2.40 amp for a second and goes back to 0.00 again. Changed the U2 but still same. Can it be the carging port? But when I plugged the battery out it goes up to 0.10 and back to 0 continuously too.

I have measured the voltage of 5V it is pulsing between 5.1V to 5.2 V continuously too. But I guessed thats not normal too. So thats why I have been suspicious of charging port.

And when I trigger the power button amp goes up to around 0.167 and goes back to 0.00 always too.

Any ideas will be perfect. Thank you


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hello there,

this is the textbook behavior of damage by introducing incorrect polarity. If you haven't made a mistake yourself, someone has already tried to fix it. As you can see, it failed. You will have to replace the SMC if the diagnostics confirm it. Read about the N-type and P-type mosfets, this should be enough guidance to successfully proceed with this repair.

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Hello @tojaert ,

thank you for your answer but is there any possibility to talk a bit easier words as I am normally Turkish and sometimes it gets hard for me to understand what you mean


bu, yanlış kutuplama getirerek hasarın ders kitabı davranışıdır. Kendiniz bir hata yapmadıysanız, birisi zaten düzeltmeye çalışmıştır. Gördüğünüz gibi başarısız oldu. Tanılama bunu onaylarsa, SMC'yi değiştirmeniz gerekecektir. N-tipi ve P-tipi mosfetler hakkında bilgi edinin, bu onarıma başarılı bir şekilde devam etmek için yeterli rehberlik olmalıdır.


I think SMC is the big power is that right?


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