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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the second-generation Apple Watch SE, released September 2022.

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How to replace cracked screen.

Is there any guide to replace the apple watch SE second generation screen? And where to buy this screen?

Only glass is cracked, everything else is working

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Hello, you can only replace the display as one unit, unless you have very specialized equipment and a lot of patience. You can find displays for this watch from various sellers on Aliexpress and other sites, although you should definitely look closely at the reviews, some sellers are far superior to others

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Do you have any suggestion of a specific seller? Have you replaced one in the past?


You can buy glass & digitizer separately but removing the old one from the display without breaking it is nearly impossible unless you have a lot of experience. I tried and failed and now I’m shopping for a new screen.

I think instead of an aftermarket screen I might get an iCloud locked watch from eBay and try transplanting the screen.


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