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Won’t Turn on Even With Battery Disconnected

This following week my macbook air A1466 has been acting strange, taking a long time to respond to pressing the power button and randomly shutting off.

It’s been asking me to change the battery, so I assumed it was that. The charger lights up, but after opening it up and disconnecting the battery, i found that even with the battery disconnected and the charger plugged in it won’t turn on, which i’ve read should happen. This makes me think it could be something else?

If I just changed the battery could it fix the problem?

I’ve also tried all of the key commands to get it to start up, it won’t turn on.

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Based on your description I am almost 99.9% sure that a component on the logic board has burnt out. This kind of repair should be done by a professional service center, it is not something that can repaired by getting responses in the forum. A hardware repair like this will need specialist equipment and a decade of experience to perform a long lasting repair.

Hope this helps , you have an expensive sought after Macbook Air and it will require delicate attention to put right.

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Pchospitaluk - Please refrain from self promotion! Update your info card with your skills and a address. Then within an answer you can just aim people to your info card. As an example MacHale Enterprises


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Hi, I'm having similar problems, same model MBA, telling me the battery is to be replaced, I did this, same symptoms.!!!

I then replaced the logic board with a known good one!! Still the same. Also exchanged the Power board, no difference.

So I did some digging found that the charging control chip may be faulty?

The supplier agreed to find a tested logic board & send to me, ariived today!!

Reassembled the MBA, guesswhat, still the wits end!

Any likely suggestions?

It will start with battery & power disconnected, power reattached starts without touching the keyboard, reconnect battery, remove power runs a treat, just closing lid, no shutdown, keep charged, behaves properly, back ay square one!

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HI having asked for help with this I have now found the answer, remove the battery, check the keyyboard cable where it attaches to the keyboard, I did it had some minor corrosion on it!!!

Careful scraping under magnifier, replace it, IT ALL WORKS NOW!!!

If the corrosion is bad a new cable from eBay or similar will correct this fault probably.


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