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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Immediate shut down independent of battery charge


My PB shuts down immediately most of the times when the battery is empty or even when it is fully charged. Sometimes I lose my work and the Date and Time, but not always.

The last time the battery has been fully charged and is indicating that it is.

Best regards


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Does this happen when your computer is plugged in to power too?


This morning I selected Sleeping in the menu and the PB shuts down immediately, even the hard drive had no time to position. After Reboot I have lost all my settings, Date, Time and Keyboard Layout.

I have to tell since I used Monolingual I have several problems with software and I do not know if this could be a problem of the removing of Intel code.

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No, it only happens when the power plug is not connected.


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The loss of date and time are coming from a dead PRAM battery that stores this information. Replace it first and then see if your other problems persist, here's the part: [gekoppeld product ontbreekt of is uitgeschakeld: IF154-094]

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Thank you very much. I have already ordered it, but it will take time to be delivered.

I will tell you if it works and will set a score if it fixes the problem.

Best regards



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