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Guides and repair information for external storage devices made by Synology.

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Synology DS418 - Power button turns blue for 4 to 5 seconds then off

Trying to troubleshoot my DS418, I have seen that most peoples issue with their Synology NAS is the blue blinking light, my issue is that when I try to turn on, the blue light only stays on between 4 to 5 seconds , then the light goes back off. The device never actually turns on, no fans turning, no sound or beeps. I have tried removing all the drives, and different working power supplies, still the same result. Any help will be appreciated. I have also replaced the CR2032 battery.

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I have this EXACT same problem with my DS418. Blue light will go on for 4-5 seconds then off, No fans, No activity at all.... Not sure how to proceed. Awaiting answer or trouble shooting ideas from community.

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Hey, same issue. Anyone found solution?

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