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The Audio Technica ATH M50 are monitoring headphones mainly used for music production

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No its all good one side no sound

M20 one side speaker not working....

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Let’s check to see what the problem is!

Use this guide to remove the ear pads and let’s see if we can see our problem

Audio Technica ATH-M50 Ear pads Replacement

Once the ear pads have been removed remove the screws that secure the speaker in place (don’t let anything touch the speaker itself though)

Once the screws are removed carefully lift the driver out of the housing and see if there are any loose cables

If there are lost cables found you can resolder them back onto their own pads

If there aren’t any loose cables you will need to test for continuity with a multimeter

With both earpads remove check to see if you get a beep or a reading on a multimeter by probing on the pads on the other side of the headphones speaker(silver blobs or solder pads)

Put one prob on one coloured wire and on the other speaker put it on the same coloured wire on the other side

If you don’t get a beep or a reading there is a break in the cable

I would also check the AUX jack as well,check the wire all the way back to the plug

If you are getting a reading or a beep in all the place you should have them you most likely have a faulty speaker/driver and will need to replace it

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I will bust out my husband's multimeter tomorrow & get ta cracking that faulty right ear open. I am pretty handy! I think with your advice I can fix them, even if I have to replace a speaker or driver, no problem.

Too bad I didn't read your advice before, I just purchased a used Audio Technica, AT-MSR7 headphones off of Mercari. Oh well! Now I'll have 2 awesome headphones.

Thank you,

Sunshine Thelma-Belle


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