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Silver HP laptop with a 14" screen, released in 2021.

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Is this motherboard salvageable?

I’ve had this spare laptop motherboard for a while because I tried replacing the screen but forgot to remove the battery which blew up one of the chips in the set. It seems to me that there are two chips which I assume are the cpu and graphics. If I only blew up the GPU is it possible that I can attach an external card and make a mini pc out of it?

I will attach some photos of the blown up chipset here.

Block Image

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Contrary to popular misconception this is not actually the GPU, that’s the PCH (Platform Controller Hub). This is equivalent to the “chipset” on a desktop motherboard. It handles some of the functions that are not as high priority or don’t require the level of bandwidth the CPU supports.

Unfortunately, if the PCH is toast, only way to get function back is to replace the CPU. Which in a laptop is not something easily done since the CPU is soldered to the board.

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In this case, even though it is nearly impossible, I am willing to try and replace it. I have a lot of experience with soldering so I think I might have a shot, but where could I buy a replacement mobile chipset that would fit? It’s probably impossible to find.


@gabagabado I don't know that you could replace just the PCH, you would have to replace the whole CPU. If you wanted to try, your best bet to find a new one is from another board that uses the same CPU.


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