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XDP-300r not working properly. Bad Audio sound & heating up to fast

Pioneer XDP-300r not working properly. Bad Audio sound when using wire headphones. Bluetooth is fine. I tried spraying can air in input jacks, but no success. Also seems to be heating up fast

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@drayman this "heating up fast" is usually caused be the battery. Replace that first. It may also be the cause for the bad sound. Or it could be the headphone jack that causes this. Let us know what you mean by bad sound.

To get into your XDP-300r use something the instructions from here by user JohnR S

Just as an FYI your XDP-300r should be the same as an Onkyo DP-X1A

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Thanks, Definitely an issue with the headphone jacks because it plays fine with the bluetooth. When I connect jacks for headphones or auxilary to my car or entertainment system, the music is too sharp and the vocals are faint (unable to adjust with an equalizer). In any event it does get hot than normal. Bought this in 2018 used, and I guess it at the end of life. No warranty. It worth fixing? What do you suggest as a replacement? (Don't say Astell& Kern)


@drayman I would think that it would be a worthwhile cause to fix it. It maybe a challenge to get the right parts for it and it does not look like the easiest device to work on. I do not have any recommendations as for what to replace it with. The player you have, as an Onkyo DP-X1A is still very well preferred.


@oldturkey03 Hello, Sound goods, but where can I get this item serviced at? Pioneer support has been no help. Thanks


I found this place:


I spoke with someone on the phone. 973-625-4056

$85.00 to trouble shoot the problem. They will credit this amount towards the repair.

I emailed the asking, specifically, for the cost to replace the battery.

I hope this helps


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