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Repair and disassembly information for the Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse. Released in 2019 and identified by model numbers MR0077, 910-005647, or 910-005692.

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Not working but green light is blinking

My Mx Master 3 mouse just run out of battery. I am trying to charge it, but it seems that there is an issue with the charging of the mouse. when I plug it in the charger, no lights blink (as usual), when I plug it out, it starts blinking green but in a strange pattern. Not the charging pattern, nor the low battery pattern.

Regardless of the green blinking light, I cannot access any of the devices from the bottom of the mouse and it seems to not connect to anything. My mac is saying that the mouse is at 5% but cannot connect to it like normal.

Open to suggestions

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Going through the exact same thing! Any fix?


@theopyrillos @dvvvvv Could you guys describe the pattern? I have the MX Master 3 right here, but never experienced issues. Have you tried updating the firmware?


let's say that when you charge it, you get a "breathing" light, that kind of smooths in and out. whereas in my situation is more of a pulsing light. unfortunately I cannot get it connected to anything to update and/or reset.

Spoke with Logitech Support and do not know about the issue. Their suggestion is to forget about getting it repaired.

I tried

- Leaving it to drain the battery and then recharge

- Fully charging it over night

- Installing Logi Options+

- Reset method from Logitech

nothing works.

The buttons do not respond to any action. The only action it responds to is on and off.


i just sprayed some isopropyl alcohol on the power button switched it on n off then the lights turned on the 123 button. working fine now . mine started acting up after i charged it wouldnt turn on . till i sprayed it. good luck hope this help you out


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As a rechargeable mouse, batteries have a finite life. It may be the end of life of the battery. Reviewing the right sidebar will reveal procedures for disassembly and replacing the battery. This presumes the mouse wasn't damaged from liquids, dropped onto a hard floor or other ways to damage electronics within the mouse.

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I have exactly the same issue... :(

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