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Repair guides and information for Microsoft's Surface Pro line of 2-in-1 tablets.

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How do I identify my specific model of Surface Pro?

How do I identify my specific model of Surface Pro? I tried the System Information but it says only Surface Pro. Under System SKU it shows Surface_Pro_1796. I need to replace the battery and want to order the right one, the first time.

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Hello, if you put your serial number in this link -> Check Warranty Page - ROBO SelfServe Portal (

It should come back with the exact model.

To find your serial number you can use this microsoft guide ->

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Thanks for the response. I found the serial number in the Surface app on the device, it's a Surface Pro 5th Gen which I also found out is AKA Surface Pro 5. Thanks again for the quick response, now I know which battery to order.


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Thank you

The link works fine

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