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A 2-in-1 touch laptop powered by Intel Core i5 and manufactured by HP.

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Enclosure broken around power button, how to repair?

Hi fellow repair-men and women,

On this computer model I have to repair, the plastic enclosure around the power button is cracked and broken. The previous owner likely dropped it more than once. The power button itself is a sub-microswitch located rather deep inside the enclosure and actuated by a plastic pusher molded in one piece with a spring-like extension riveted inside.

The rectangular hole holding the plastic power-button pusher has deformed, and the pusher frequently stays in the depressed position, meaning the computer may or may not turn on since the switch can stay permanently depressed.

Additionally, the spring-like plastic structure from the pusher is also broken.

It is just one exemple of a cosmetic defect affecting functionality

Already tried:

Finding the plastic pusher and replace it. No luck, even on AliExpress

Thinking of trying:

Make the rectangular hole slightly larger with an Xacto, but doing so may result in the pusher getting lost inside.

Thought of trying, but rejected:

Glueing the pusher to the switch. Given how small the electrical switch is, I just couldn't trust myself to lay a glue bead small enough not to glue the switch itself but large enough to hold the pusher.

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Here's the service manual and parts list:

HP Pavilion x360 14 Series Maintenance And Service Manual

Parts List

Power button board

The power button board spare part kit does not include the cable. The cable is available using spare part number L51094-001.


This may help.

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The board is fine. Only the pusher is required, but since it's heat-riveted inside, it may not be available as a spare part.


Hi @cubytus

It is decribed as a kit so it may have what you need?

". . . power button board spare part kit. . ."


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