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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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Speakers stopped working after battery replacement

I’ve had a swollen battery on my MacBook, luckily everything -apart from the battery was working- but after the battery was changed, the speakers don’t seem to be working, and when I press the sound buttons on the keyboard, I get the icon attached.

Block Image

What might be wrong and how can I find out what’s wrong?

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Review this guide Retina MacBook 2015 Audio Jack Board Replacement either the cable leading to the board is not plugged in fully or may have become damaged or the board has failed.

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Does the Audio Jack Board have anything to do with the speakers?


@genik - Yep! If you look at the board you will see a large square chip with CIRRIUS printed on it. This is the DAC chip which converts the digital signal to an analog to drive the speakers and the audio jack for your headphones.

Apple loves to maximize the internal space usage squeezing so much in a small space.


@danj other than the three possible issues you suggest might there be anything else i should have a look at?

(btw you say "the cable leading to the board..." is that the "audio jack board ribbon cable" you are referring to?)


@genik - just the cable.


I have the impression that when changing the battery, the Audio Jack Board Ribbon Cable is totally untouched, simply because the battery replacement occurs in the underneath case... I could be wrong though :-)


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